We’ve had some interesting folks travelling with Letaka Safaris but what we pride ourselves on is the number of guests who return to us time after time.

This page lists some comments from guests who have given us permission to use their names and comments on our website. We have also listed links to various sites with articles or trip reports about Letaka Safaris.

If you would like personal references you can e-mail us for contact details of people who have been on some of our birding trips. We know we deliver an outstanding service and great value for money!

Our record holding return guest is Julia Irving who has done 22 trips with Letaka and continues to return year after year.

(L/ R) Brent Reed, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Grant Reed, Richard Hammond

(L/ R) Brent Reed, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Grant Reed, Richard Hammond

A number of previous guest on our birding safaris have kindly allowed us to use their names and comments as references. To protect the privacy of these kind individuals we have not listed their contact details on our website. Should you wish to contact someone who has travelled with us previously, please send a request (listing your country of residence) to [javascript protected email address] and we will send you names and contact details of someone in your region.
Listed below are some excerpts from our feedback forms:

Jason Mellman - April 2014

Safari : Livingstone Birding Trail
Safari Date : 29 May 2014

I had looked at the Livingstone Birding Trail itinerary for several years before eventually deciding to give it a go. I have been to Africa seven times on birding and photographic safaris and this trip was by far the best I have ever been on. Disho is a phenomenal guide with supernatural eyesight, he is also a great companion and a calm voice of reason during the manic border crossings that would be the end of me if I had to do it on my own. We saw 385 species of birds on our trip and saw some incredible wildlife as well, I almost feel like I could come back and do the same trip again. Well done to all at Letaka Safaris for putting together such a wonderful itinerary and especially to Disho for making it such a success. 

Penelope Bowend

Safari : Cheeseman
Safari Date : 09 March 2011

I have just returned from the three week “Cheeseman” trip in Botswana and I just want to let you know what a wonderful trip it was. Joe Ramsden is absolutely one of the best guides I have ever traveled with. His skills as a guide of natural and a leader of a mixed group such as ours are superb. He must have been born with this gift as I don’t think it can be taught. He was helpful to us as a group and as individuals. He never forgot a request – if Joe said he was going to do something you could know he would. His knowledge of wildlife – both the birds and the mammals were amazing and the tale he could tell from the tracks was almost unbelievable. He would follow the tracks and then tell us what was happening – so we’d stop and look at nothing and then all of a sudden there was the mammal he said would appear. He was absolutely wonderful in all ways. Also the camp staff was equally outstanding. Kaiser, Pula, and Life worked so hard to make us comfortable and were always cheerful and fun no matter how hard they worked. They would remember what we liked and were so helpful with everything. And of course the food was outstanding – it was hard to believe it was all cooked over the open fire.

Also I appreciated the good support and help you at the office gave us – from driving out to replace the refrigerator to getting us the room when it was getting too late to set up camp to getting us into the wonderful Nata Sanctuary. I could go on but I think you get the idea. It was a grand trip and I would travel with your company and with Joe again if the opportunity arrived and I certainly would recommend your company to anyone.

Julia Irving

Safari Date : 01 April 2010

I have travelled with Letaka Safaris 14 times over the past 9 years, later this year I will be doing my 15th safari with them. There is simply no comparison for the way that these guys do Africa. My only advice to anyone travelling with Letaka Safaris would be DON’T GO, unless you can afford to go again. And again. And again.

Nicole Hutton

Safari : Livingstone Birding Trail
Safari Date : 01 April 2010

What an unbelievable experience, this truly was the trip of a lifetime. A thousand thank-you’s to the incredible camp staff and to Chris in particular who managed to produce the most delicious meals in the middle of nowhere. Grant is absolutely brilliant and his skills added many birds to our list that we would otherwise not have seen. Thanks again to all at Letaka Safaris

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Water crossing in the Moremi Game Reserve - Photo G. Reed